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More Than Over It – Are We Done With Dwight Yet?

Are we done with Dwight Howard?  At least just for today?

If you are in the Orlando front office, do you really care where Dwight Howard wants to be traded to?  Well kind of. Obviously he wants out of Orlando and has acted like a child for the past year about it, so why go as far as to grant him his wish?

Well, he deserves it, right?

The only glory Dwight has brought to Disney’s city was an All Star game slam dunk contest victory. Sure, the man has quite the resume.  There have been All Star game selections (although he’s the only game in the East), All NBA and Defensive Team selections and Defensive Player of the Year awards (although most stars frown at defense), yet all of those accolades giving nothing back to the Magic. Those are great individual honors but what does it mean or do for the Orlando Magic as a team, city and fan base? Basically they all just serve as “justification” for his previous and eventual over inflated contracts.

So tell me again, why aren’t they shopping him around anywhere and everywhere to get the absolute most value via players and draft picks?

Other teams won’t  pull the trigger because DeeHow claims he won’t sign an extension anywhere else but Brooklyn.  Even still, I would bet that their are still teams out there who would take him on a year’s rental, to play out the season in hopes to have him to sign an extension.

On top of that, why should/would Orlando be willing to support the building of another “Big 3” in their own Conference? by exceeding Howard’s demands to send him to Brooklyn for a pastrami sandwich and some honey-bbq chips in return?

If I were in the Orlando front office, I would be calling all 28 NBA teams in the league and weighing each option.

Portland?  Sure.

Detroit?  I’m a Toyota man myself.

The Nash-less dessert in Phoenix?  YUP.

Toronto?  Hi Landry!

This whole deportation thing sounds good.  Does Saskatchewan have a team in need of a “super” man?  I hear Azerbaijan (Google it, it’s real)  could use a BIG with a limited offensive arsenal who sometimes is a better actor than team player.  What?  Haven’t you seen the quality of movies coming out of Russia’s neighbor to the south?

With Brooklyn off the table, we are more than likely to be left reading about DeeWight on E-MESS-PN’s news ticker for the next few (gulp) weeks.  There must be some form of torture less excruciating than this.

Ooh!  Kazaam is on!

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