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CP3 Plans To Take Over LA

With the NBA season weeks away, and the preseason starting tomorrow, David Stern decided to pull the trigger by trading away CP3. So now the Lakers, I meant the Knicks, nope, the Clippers, wait what, the Clippers, will be the team employing Paul for the next two seasons.

Even though David Stern did everything in his power to make sure Paul wasn’t traded, especially to the Lakers, he decided to then stick it to the Lakers by trading him to the team that shares the same arena. The Clippers, who Stern was basically trying to bend over, put together an excellent deal for Paul. Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu and unprotected 2012 1st round pick from the Timberwolves. Seems fair, trading away 40% of your starting rotation, and a guaranteed top 10 pick in next years ridiculously talented draft. But no, Stern wanted more, he wanted another first round pick and 2nd year guard Eric Bledsoe. Stern wanted to make sure whatever team Paul was traded to didn’t have enough players to field a team. Clippers decided not to add anymore pieces and pulled out of the trade. As a Knicks fan, this was great, let Paul play out the year with the Hornets, then CP3 runs the point at Madison Square Garden next year. Just as this fantasy was playing out, Stern decided he was nuts and agreed to the original trade.

CP3 to the Clippers.

So does this mean the Clippers are better than the Lakers? Probably not, but it got much closer and alot more interesting in LA. Kobe can not be happy about this. 3 days ago, Paul was Laker, and Dwight Howard was on his way. Stern vetoed the trade and now not only are they both not on the Lakers, Odom is gone too. So the Lakers got worse and the Clippers got alot better. Don’t be surprised to see Kobe demand a trade in the near future. The Lakers are getting old. Fisher, Gasol, Artest (Metta World Peace) and Kobe. Kobe still has a solid 3 – 5 years left at the top of his game but he can’t do it by myself anymore. And now their is now another team in the West to contend with. Another team in the same division and another team in the same arena.

With a starting lineup of Paul, Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, Caron Butler and Chancey Billups, the Clippers now have enough fire power to make a run in the West. With the majority of the teams in the West getting older(exception is the Thunder) and the season being shortened to 66 games, younger teams will have an advantage. Butler and Billups are older, but Bledsoe and Mo Williams will contribute off the bench. A veteran presence in Billups who has played in huge games will be a huge positive for the maturing Clippers. Paul to Griffin is going to be a staple on Sportscenter top 10 plays every night. Paul will lead the league in assists and Griffin will lead in dunks. Seriously, how many dunks/alleyopps is Griffin going to have this year?

The NBA season is about to begin but no fan base can be more excited than the Clippers or more disappointed than the Lakers. If the Clippers start winning and Lakers lose, it won’t be to long until Kobe wants out and the team running LA is the Clippers.

3 comments on “CP3 Plans To Take Over LA

  1. Jerry West
    December 15, 2011

    This was a dumbass article. I hardly think CP3 is going to stay a clipper especially if this season is a disaster.

    • alldaycj4
      December 15, 2011

      With a name like Jerry West, your definatly not a Lakers homer. Secondly, Paul agreed to play 2 years for the Clippers. So its a dumbass article because your opinion is different than mine or because your a Lakers fan and your pissed Paul is not on your team or your just a huge loser? I’m guessing its all of the above.

      • jcollichio
        December 16, 2011

        I’m just gonna go with huge loser…good article

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