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Keith Hernandez’s Mustache

In honor of Keith’s Stache the New York Mets will wear this patch in honor on their right arm for the remainder of the season. I wonder if they actually … Continue reading

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Joke of the Day: What Do Apple and Brooklyn Have In Common?

30 seconds is on the clock.

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Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins, Episode 3 – The Starter They Come, The Starter They Fall

The first two installments of this year’s edition of Hard Knocks set the bar pretty high—last week’s piece of Chad Johnson-themed awkwardy goodness was the series’ second-highest-rated episode ever—and yet … Continue reading

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Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins, Episode 2 – A Historically Cringeworthy Cut

Two of the biggest NFL-related stories of the week—pertaining to matters both on the field and off—revolved around the Miami Dolphins. You couldn’t even script the storylines that comprised the second … Continue reading

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Nationals Park

This past weekend I got the chance to head down to Washington D.C to catch a double header between the Washington Nationals and the Miami Marlins. This was my first … Continue reading

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Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins, Episode 1 – Chad Johnson Auditions for a Spinoff

Do you remember when the Heat won the NBA Championship? Me neither. And that’s why being a sports fan can absolutely suck: because those fleeting moments of unbridled euphoria quickly … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Former New York Yankee not allowed to attend the Olympics in London.

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Everything BATMAN

Lets start off on how I’m dealing with my Batman hangover. I saw it yesterday afternoon at a VIP private showing, and when I left, I didn’t know what to … Continue reading

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Time to Move On – People Need To Get The Fuck Over Jeremy Lin

Cancel Your Cablevision. Sign a petition. Crash your Escalade into a pole. Protest outside Madison Square Garden. Write a letter. Drink a 2L Bottle of Soda. Occupy Small Streets. Pretend … Continue reading

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Linsane Rockets

Thanks for all the help getting views during LINSANITY, but what are we going to do next year?

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